Let's talk about Lilies!

We are very proud here in The Flower Market towers of the fact that from the months of May through to October we supply the highest standard of Asiatic Lily in colours Orange, Yellow, Pink & White!


We have the best quality Luxurious Longieflorum Lilies to use in our arrangements. Choose from beautiful combinations of Roses and Lilies and also a luxury Lily bouquet.


These Lilies are home grown and picked only a few miles away to ensure the highest freshness and quality cutting out the middle-man.


Lilies are an extremely popular flower because of their lasting ability, their giant blossoms and of course their sweet perfume.


Lilies make an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, sympathy or indeed ...just because!




Potted Lilies are occassionally available for those who wish to plant their own. Keep a eye on our Potting Shed section.