Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to make ordering online simple & easy.


what is the subscription offer?

Our subscription offer is a really smart way to have regular flowers delivered to your home or office without the need to continually place an order online.

Simply choose a bouquet size and whether weekly or monthly suits you best and we will deliver. It really is that simple. 


what flowers will be delivered?

We will always have seasonal blossoms made into our floral designs. The price ranges are indicative of the sizes and quantity of flowers.


how much does a subscription cost?

We currently have 3 choices of price, €20, €25 & €30 per delivery. You may select weekly or monthly and continue with the service for 3, 6 or 9 months.


how can i sign up?

Sign up by selecting a price and frequency and hit Submit. We will require your delivery address and contact details along with a valid payment card.


how do i change my plan?

If changes are required simply log in to your account where you can update card details, change billing/delivery address, adjust or cancel plan.


does my subscription automatically renew?

At present we allow you to select the term lenght of the contract, 3, 6 or 9 months. We will contact you when this expires to renew the contract.


how can i cancel my plan?

Cancel anytime by logging into your account. We want to make your flower deliver an easy and wonderful experience so do inform us if you are not happy in any way.

Note that payments are taken 7 days in advance of delivery date.


what happens if i cancel before my subscription ends?

We would hope that cancelling would be temporary as we would miss you. You may cancel at anytime.


i have moved home. how can i change delivery details?

Simply log in to your account and change the delivery address.


on what date will my account be charged?

Accounts are charged 7 days prior to your chosen delivery date to allow us to contact you if required.


my card details have changed. how can i update this?

Simply log in to your account and update the card details.


what is the cost of delivery?

We will pay the cost of delivery! 


my flowers have not arrived. what do i do now?

We aim to deliver flowers the same day they are arranged although overnight deliveries may be necessary. We will be tracking all deliveries and any missing/damaged deliveries will be replaced as soon as possible.


can i track my order?

We are in the office during office hours and can track orders. We will shortly be setting up a series of emails designed to inform the recipient of the progress of their flowers.


my flowers are damaged. what shall i do?

It is our intention to deliver our flowers as fast as possible from the time they arrive to us. In the case of damages please contact us and we will send a replacement to you.


my question is not here, how do i get in touch?

Contact us via Phone 01 8135959 or Email 


what social media accounts can i follow?

You can follow us on Twitter, FaceBook, and join in too! Look out for us shortly on Instagram and You Tube.


Why did my flowers arrive before my selected delivery date?

Deliveries are limited to Tuesday-Friday so when your chosen date falls between Saturday-Monday, we move your delivery to the previous Friday.


do you store my credit card details on your server?

No, we do not store your details. Your card details are securely stored with Realex Payments.