Meet the Team


Customer Care 


Amy Flowers Administration



Amy is the first voice most people hear when they call us at home!


Amy loves playing GAA to keep fit and meet up with friends.
Amy is the 'fixer' if you messed up on a delivery address or date, Amy sorts it!




The most important people in the business, the florists!









Angelika is at the worktop everyday arranging flowers for your home!
Angelika loves to dance and can often be found bopping along to the radio.
Angelika loves to see the colours and styles changing with the seasons.



Quality Analyst


Flowers Technical Jean

Jean is the eagle-eyed, fussy perfectionist that ensures our quality is top notch.
Jean loves to count roses, keep a clean desk and fill out forms!

When you receive your flowers and smile crosses your face, that's because Jean was looking out for you.


Digital Marketing


Flowers Marketing John



John is the electronic communications robot plugged into the pc like a lamp on a table. The lights are on but ....!
John bikes at the weekends and plays guitars until the neighbours start banging on the wall.

Placing the Flower Market logo onto every page on the world wide web is John's goal and daily endeavour.



Supplier Partnership Executive


Rod Lara Supplier Partnership Executive



Rod is a phone addict who worries when both phones are not ringing! Always communicating with our flower growing partners in Ireland and abroad.
Rod finds his inner peace in the role of the long distance runner and supporting local youth groups.


Rod is the go-to guy in the building when you need to get things done!



Talent Acquisition Executive


Eve Bartley Talent Acquisition



Eve scours the planet for the best people to join us on our mission to take over the online flower business in Ireland!


A dedicated follower of fashion Eve bring style and enthusiam to every encounter.



And lets not forget the tools of the trade!